Effie Love

Effie has been practising yoga for the better part of the last 15 years. She's studied in Israel, India, Thailand and of course, the UK, where she's been a resident in the people's republic of Brighton for the last decade.  She is also an acupuncturist (BSc (hons), LicAc, MBAcC), and a massage therapist, she has a very deep level of knowledge when it comes to the physical and energetical anatomy of the body, which becomes apparent in her classes.  Effie runs About Balance a low cost, fair trade, wellbeing centre in Brighton - a place that helps therapists to make a living from their work and helps the people of Brighton to achieve affordable well being.  She  also  works as a therapist at the Google offices in London.

She believes yoga makes you a better person, not by magic, or some weird hippie voodoo stuff, but simply because when you practice yoga you give yourself love, you learn to accept yourself, (Ahimsa- the first yama of patanjali yoga sutras) by doing so, you learn, with time, to accept others, other situations, other people, and that makes you a better person, if you like it or not :)  Her approach to yoga is not about becoming more flexible and strong (though you would),it's not about touching your toes (though, again, with time, you would) but it's about learning to turn the focus inside, to how we breath, to how we move, to how we feel, to who we are and to use yoga as a path to freedom.
Find out more about Effie and About Balance- http://www.aboutbalancebrighton.com/


Sevanti’s background as a Contemporary Dancer (gaining a BAHons at the Laban Centre for Movement & Dance, London in 94-97) is associated with her interest for natural movement and meditation. She bought her first Yoga book at age 16 when visiting Brighton, and had spent most of the time until Laban practicing and teaching herself at home. So she later continued on to spend 4 years studying Yoga intensely, working closely as a disciple with her teacher Sw Satchidananda; then later continuing her research, study and development through various schools and teachers.

Her Yogic style has always been very fluid, focusing on gravity, release and breath, with an organic and meditative foundation. She has experienced various dynamics and style of Yoga, and always returns to a slower investigation into the mind-body relationship, although she enjoys playing with dynamics and choreographing flowing sequences too. This is the foundation of her style and practice, which then led to an interest in healing and bodywork to maintain and optimise a healthy mind-body system.

Sevanti runs her own Yoga Teacher Training diploma which is supported by the IYN. Her aim is to create diplomas with a strong sense of self-enquiry, with all of the necessary support needed for each student to bring out their individual qualities, wisdom and personal styles.

Sevanti has also worked hard developing her material of Unity Partner Yoga™, which was established in 2002. Her earlier research was with her friend and fellow yogi Sarah Jennings, whom she still practices and demonstrates with today. Since then Sevanti has developed the practice into a vast selection of duo/trio/group yoga asanas, practiced with friends, partners, family and strangers to bring people together in a sacred and fun way.

To read Sevanti's story in full please see: http://www.being-in-unity.com/sevanti-s-story

Alexa Garside

Alexa Garside has 9 years industry experience, working as a personal trainer, body balance instructor and studio coordinator before specialising as a yoga teacher 8 years ago. She qualified in Hatha and Vinyasa Flow Yoga in Italy with Frog Lotus Yoga and has been doing continuous study since, learning techniques from Scaravelli and Kundalini. She is a memeber of Yoga Alliance, has completed 2 yoga teacher trainings and has taught over 3,000 yoga classes. She has also completed her PTTLS teaching qualification.

Alexa is an extremely popular teacher, and her magnetic personality keeps clients returning class after class. She is very much a people person and focuses on making Yoga accessible for all in a friendly and relaxed environment. She has been in love with Yoga for over 10 years now and wants to spread her knowledge of it to help others improve their quality of life and to pass down her teaching skills and expertise to help spread the benefits of yoga to a wider audience.

Hatha yoga is great for people who are beginners or who prefer a less dynamic class, and Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a beautiful, creative and dynamic form of Yoga which is beautiful to teach and will leave you and your clients both feeling relaxed and energised. With this training course, you will be able to teach both!

Om Retreats- Charlie Griffin & Hannah Lee Weller

Om Retreats-Om Retreats is run by Brighton yoga teachers Charlie Griffin and Hannah Lee Weller and provide a range of day and weekend yoga retreats throughout the year, offering a welcoming atmosphere, great food, and an inspiring yoga programme for all levels. They are a non-profit organisation, with all profits from their retreats going towards running further yoga events for their charity partners. This year theyare partnering with Macmillan and Rise charities, working with guests affected by cancer and domestic abuse.

Charlie Griffin (picture left) - Charlie is a highly popular Brighton yoga teacher, who has practiced yoga for 15 years and has been teaching since 2009. She studied yoga teaching and advanced yoga teaching with Frog Lotus Yoga in Italy and India. She is also qualified and teaches classes in Pre Natal Yoga, Pilates, Les Mills Body Balance and dance. Charlie uses inspiration from her years as a dancer to improve posture in poses, and gain a sense of grace and fluidity in flow practice, leaving participants feeling strengthened, lengthened and centred.

Hannah Lee Weller (picture right) - Hannah’s background is as a dancer and choreographer, and she has studied, taught and produced dance work for over 20 years. She has always enjoyed yoga practice alongside this, and the natural progression was to develop her skills and become a qualified teacher – training in Hatha and Vinyasa Flow yoga. She enjoys bringing her influences of dance, anatomy, yoga philosophy and breath work to her yoga classes. She is interested in how we can develop the skills of yoga beyond the mat, and integrate them into our daily lives.
Find out more about Hannh, Charlie and Om Retreats here: www.facebook.com/omretreats.co.uk

Emma Kate Epton

Emma Epton Yoga teacher and founder of Whitstable Community Yoga has been a yoga practitioner for 16 years and is a 500 Yoga Alliance registered teacher. She undertook her training in the strict Iyengar style of yoga giving a solid base for a much more varied and softer style of teaching. Emma combines asana, pranayama, meditation and philosophy in her teaching. She teaches classes suitable for all ages and levels, as well as holding regular workshops and retreats.
For more information check website and Facebook page on link below.

Emma-Louise Newlyn

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